What to do in Padua? On the Navigli with Burchiello!

Live the magic summer night in the boat on the Navigli: it will be an unforgettable experience!

What do you think about a different evening? Romantic and funny? From Santa Sofia Apartments in less than 10 minutes of a romantic walk along the Piovego, you reach the jetty of the Portello: the appointment is at 8:50 pm and leaving at 9 pm for the extraordinary mini cruise under the stars. You will pass the Chiuse of Noventa Padovana and of Stra, along the fascinating fluvial path of the Brenta, to discover the magnificent Veneto Villas.

Two themes for summer 2016: you can choose among the mini cruise of Thursday with wine sampling and local products tasting, or the one of Saturday with live music.

A welcome wine glass on the panoramic terrace will receive you, and for all the evening until the closing at 12 pm there will be a bar at your disposal. A really limited cost: 29,00 Euros per person for three hours of relax.

The music review of Saturday will wait for you for the next appointments on the:

23 July: Evening "Il Mississippi": From Padua to New Orleans: a trip on the era of Dixieland with the Mestrino Dixieland Jass Band

6 August: Evening "Il Rio delle Amazzoni": From samba to bossa nova with the voice of the brasilian Ligia França;

27 August: Evening "Il Tamigi": The most beautiful Italian and International songs with the voice of Margherita Cazzuffi;

10 September: Evening “Il Rio della Plata”: From Buenos Aires to Copacabana with samba and tango rhythms with the voice of Barbara Foglia;

24 September: Evening “L’Arkansas”: Sailing on the waves of the Blues with the voice of the bluesman Francesco Garolfi.

The review of Thursday is in collaboration with Strada del Vino Colli Euganei, with tastings in night sailing from Padua to Stra and a different Cantine in every evening that will propose his own wines, along with small samplings of finger food and typical products offered by the producers and restaurants of the territory, with the exclusive accompaniment of Radio Cafè!

On the Boat on the Navigli, from May to September 2016

In Battello sui Navigli, da maggio a settembre 2016

21 July: Cantine: Az. Vinicola Colle Mattara (Rovolon): Small tastes: Enoteca San Daniele (Torreglia);

28 July: Cantine: Az. Vinicola Cantina Bernardi (Torreglia); Small tastes: Agriturismo La Buona Terra (Cervarese);

4 August: Cantine: Az. Vinicola Fattoria Monte Fasolo (Cinto Euganeo); Small tastes: Caseificio Magnasame (S. Angelo di Piove);

25 August: Cantine: Az. Vinicola Il Pianzio (Galzignano Terme); Small tastes: Trattoria La Tavolozza (Torreglia);

1 September: Cantine: Az. Vinicola Salvan - Vigne del Pigozzo (Due Carrare); Small tastes: Salumificio Fontana (Este);

8 September: Cantine: Az. Vinicola Ca' Lustra (Cinto Euganeo); Small tastes: Agriturismo Al Peraretto (Cinto Euganeo).

Don’t risk the driving licence after the tastings! Book you apartment in Santa Sofia Apartments so you do not miss this occasion!

Book now and comment here below your evening along the Navigli of Padua!