The beauty of Colli Euganei, NATURE, HISTORY, FOOD, WINE and HEALTH.

Only 10 minutes by car from the city centre of Padua, you may find the amazing Colli Euganei, a territory rich of NATURE, HISTORY, FOOD, WINE and HEALTH. The beauty of Colli Euganei has inspired artists, writers and poets from every epoch, that along time have left operas of an inestimable value. Petrarca and Foscolo are only an example.

But lets see together what is valuable to see during your stay in Santasofiapartments.

We can start our virtual trip from the medieval village in Arquà Petrarca walking around the itineraries though the walled cities where you can discover a real and proper chest of villas and castles, abbeys and monuments, immersed in the green central ground level of the Veneto land and an exceptional variety of the fauna and flora that, from 1989, constitute the first regional park of Veneto. 

Arquà Petrarca is a real and proper “medieval pearl” in the Colli Euganei, it has become famous for hosting Francesco Petrarca during his last years of life. A picturesque village inhabited since the roman times, which has the l'Oratorio SS. Trinità, church where the poet used to go to pray. On the other hand, Monselice, Este, Montagnana are walled cities, through a really interesting itinerary you will be able to admire all their beauty. The incredible fortresses have conserved, at least in part, all the circle of the antique defensive walls.

The Catajo Castle is for sure another destination that deserves to be mentioned, with its 300 rooms, some of which with frescos from Giovanni Battista Zelotti, apprentice of Veronese, the big park, and the “Garden of the delizie” in front of the castle. It is the most valid meta of the small Paduan municipality of Battaglia Terme. In Valsanzibio of Galzignano Terme, you may then visit Villa Barbarigo, with its scenographic garden that hosts seventy-two statues, paths, fish farms, lakes, water games and more or less 800 plants. The itinerary is allegoric, infact it represents the walking path of men to safeness.

The Colli Euganei Parc is crossed by a dense net of paths that can be travelled walking or by bicycle going from the Alta Via dei Colli Euganei to the naturalistic path, from the Villa Draghi Path to that of the Principe. Also, immersed in the heart of the Natural Park of the Colli Euganei, on the north-oriental slopes of the Colli Euganei, there is Abano Terme from everybody known as the temple of relax. Its therapeutically beneficial waters make it one the most appreciated touristic metas for the wellness. Finally, it is certainly worth mentioning also Villa dei Vescovi that the writer Dino Buzzati defined as “one of the first examples of the classical architecture in Veneto”. The incredible sensations that you will fill while visiting it and its magic location make the Villa rise in the middle of vegetation and the surrounding hills.

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