Padua - Marathon of Saint Anthony 2016

Padua prepares it self for the super known Marathon of Saint Anthony. A new and marvellous path is waiting for the aspirants and the expert marathon runners on the starting line on Sunday 17 of April, with the unforgettable arrival in the frame of Prato della Valle and the city in celebration to support all those that try the venture.

Subscribe as well: it is very simple and really everybody can participate. The true marathon, the one without "discounts", 42,195 kilometers long, starts inside the track of the Stadio Euganeo Athletic, through Rubano, Selvazzano e Teolo, along the marvellous Colli Euganei and through the heart of Abano Terme in front of the Kursaal and to the hotel all'Orologio: the exceptional cheers of the thermal city will be for sure supportive at the last effort for the return to the city of the Saint.

But you have also interesting opportunities like the half marathon that starts from Parco San Daniele, close to the Giardini di Montirone and goes on for 5 km towards the Stadio di Monteortone, where it connects again to the path of the Marathon.

Coming back in Padova, along the river from the Mandria to the Bassanello, the final input will be in the fantastic frame of the historical streets of the city centre: Vescovado, Piazza Duomo e Piazza dei Signori, Piazza della Frutta until the Pedrocchi and the Palazzo Universitario del Bo, and for sure it cannot miss the Basilica del Santo for the last part towards Prato della Valle.

At 9.15 the "Stracittadine" of 10 and 5 kilometers start and end in Prato della Valle, modelling through two different ways, instead the "Stracittadina" of 1 km leaves at 9,30 and concludes in front of the Basilica del Santo, the 10 km challenge is not competitive, although the time is taken, and it is open to all the adults: it starts at 9.10, slightly before the "StraCittadine.".

And good luck for the race!