Padova’s Fair 2015

Working for Santa Sofia Apartments I frequently find my self to speak about Padova’s Fair. 2015 is nearly over, but we still have some appointments that can be interesting in your case.

September 2015, from 19 to 21 - ExpoBici is really popular.

My companion, biker since ever, is looking forward to find himself on the mountain-bike with his friends! They discuss the latest news, search for occasions and run to eat at the stands to refresh after the difficult compare among the best framework: Trek or Cannondale?

It is not linked only to the world of the “off-road”, but also to running, to endure, to downhill. Also, looking to their web site and the present initiatives, I think there will be a huge affluence also this year.

October 2015, from 3 to 11 Casa Su Misura this is my moment.

Given that my apartment has furniture since a long time, it is so nice to walk and take ideas for my dreams. Generally I get lost between the furniture elements, I come back to that Saint that supports me and start the pressing of a probable purchase. We live so close to the fair of Padova that it is a pity to waste the occasion. Right?

It has already happened to advise it to who rents from us, being open until 10 pm, it is also possible to think to go after dinner and end the evening in beauty.

October 2015, from 9 to 11 Padova Sposi

In the Pavillon 3 of PadovaFiere you will find intersected hands, in-love eyes, but especially women with happy looks that pull their exhausted grooms around: White dresses, bonbonnière, buffet tables, multi level cakes and pictures of other weddings.

It makes me laugh, but if you are about to get married, here you may find all that you need.

In a singe day you get all the useful contacts and you can already exit with all the clear ideas regarding the best day of your life.

Your girlfriend will not annoy you with never ending weekends around for florists, clothes shops, catering and much more. On the other side, beloved bride, you can use the excuse “but my love, in a day it is all done”.  

October 2015, from 22 to 25 Auto e Moto D’Epoca

All in a sudden, us people Padua people find ourselves driving between unique collection pieces. I have to admit that in the past years I have never seen so many people as in this exposition. It is liked a lot. Let me help my cause, you can rent one of our amazing apartments and buy the subscription ticket for three days. A part from publicity, it is advisable to purchase it if you are a passionate because it will be full of people.

October 2015, 31 - November, 1 TuttinFiera

Hobbyists from the entire world gather! And if you are not, I suggest to you to do so. Frequently I purchase the Christmas presents, always with my two daughters, given that the man, only with the idea, starts with the classical “Sgrunt”, and you will find me for sure on Sunday mornings. Also, this year, ypu will enjoy VininFiera and MitoAmerica.

I rapidly list all the sectors: tastes, craftsmanship, electronic, games, collections, show, wellness, shopping.

The last two are my favourite ones. Herbal medicine, body therapies, clothing, accessories, custom jewelleries, perfumery, household products.

This is only in the months of September and October, but if you would like to come and see me again in the blog so I will tell you what the Padova Fair reserves for to you in November 2015. I like to suggest to you what you will be able to see when you are staying at us or you live in the area. I find it an optimal solution to occupy the weekend in a different way.

What do you think about it? Let me know if you have followed my suggestions and which fair have you liked the most?