Our Michelin stars

The 2016 promotes also the Venetian cuisine with a new star and other deserved confirmations.

Le Calandre of Rubano continue to shine in the Michelin firmament among the 8 best restaurants of Italy in the famous guide: Massimiliano Alajmo is stable in his position, the youngest cooker in the world to have the THREE STARS. If you like to experiment, I advice the risotto with smoked eel, green pepper, sorbet with tarragon and black curry or the fried fishbone, instead if you love the more delicate flavours, you must try the turbot with chicory, pistachio, artichokes and fish egg cream.

The Alajamo family reconfirms the STAR in Venice with the Caffè Quadri in San Marco Square: Murici and scallops, carpet-shells and cuttlefish, squills and shrimps revisited following the antique Venetian culinary traditions. You cannot miss the “Scartosso de pesse”, but if you want an alternative to fish, the roasted duck thigh with sorbet of beet, bitter herbs and pepper sauce will not disappoint you. The roasted duck thigh is proposed also in the first restaurant of the family, La Montecchia of Selvazzano, also this is marked by ONE STAR, but with a different sauce at barley malt and savoy cabbage with spices, although I prefer not to loose the tartara di Erminio, father of Massimiliano, that has given a fabulous DNA to all the Alajmo stars.

It is confirmed also for this year the STAR of Lazzaro 1915 of Pontelongo.

Piergiorgio Siviero, from the school of Ducasse, loves to amaze and hazard tastes apparently not matching with mastery. Outstanding the kobe beef beaten with the knife with hazelnut oil, sea lettuce dust, scented marrow bone and drink of dehydrated tuna. Absolutely do not miss the cakes, the most beautiful and good that I have ever tasted (here there is no advice: I really do not know what to choose!)

And the new STAR of 2016 is Arqua Crua of Barbarano Vicentino in the amazing Colli Euganei frame, where Giuliano Baldessari, ex sous chef of Massimiliamo Alajmo, preciously follows his super young staff and cuddles the guests with innovative sequences, still maintaining a base of traditional cuisine: I advice to you to trust him in the path of the dishes, but do not miss the wood pigeon. If you are vegetarian, vegan or intolerant to gluten or milk products there are plates dedicated to every body, but you do not have a static fix menu. Based on the season and on the inspiration of the chef, the menu varies in continuation, creating unexpected fantasies.

If you are a guest in our apartments in Padua and you are a lover of the author cuisine, you do not have to miss the opportunity to gift yourself a stellar evening, maybe with a degustation menu of Easter or in another special occasion.

If you know any restaurant that deserves to be visited, share it with me and the other users of the blog by writing it here underneath!