Christmas has arrived in Padua

High-tech lights, winter park, igloo, the village of Santa Claus and many other initiatives to celebrate Christmas in Padua. An occasion to visit Padua decorated for the festivity.

Are you ready with your smartphone? Pick up your photographic machine and participate to the free concourse #PadovaèNatale: from the 20th of November to the 10th of January take a picture of the the “beautiful festive Padua”, using the hashtag #PadovaèNatale (More information in …..)

You can start today: the city centre is already set up for the BLACK FRIDAY and from 20:30 to 22:30 the shops offer up to 80% discounts on a selection of products. Until Sunday 22 of November you will find the street market of Art and Ciocc to cuddle your walk: the exhibitor in front of Testi this morning was making some coconut cakes that cure baldness, wrong loves and I don’t remember how many other bugs.  They were so beautiful that I wanted to surrender to the temptation even if I do not love coconut..

From the 21 of November, the star sky lightens up in Piazza della Frutta, instead in Piazza Cavour you absolutely have to make yourself a picture inside the “Christmas ball”, a game of lights.

Also the Portello dresses up in festivity, with his concerts in transparent igloos, where you find cultural events and entertainments suitable from the youngest to the university students. From the 29 of November in Piazza Eremitani you can skate in the Village of Santa Claus: gift a ride on the horse carousel to your children and do not forget to make them post the letter in the mailbox of Santa Claus! Get the chance to heat up with a delicious chocolate directly in the Christmas house.

Visit the most beautiful nativity scenes in the “nativity scene street”, from Piazza del Santo, to Via del Santo and Via San Francesco, or get the Christmas train and cross the most beautiful streets in a comfort seat. And take pictures, take pictures, take pictures!

You can also purchase the special “unique ticket” or “family ticket” to move with the public transport and dedicate to the Christmas shopping. But if you decide to stay in Padua in one of our apartments, you do not need to move with the public transports because the walk from Santa Sofia Apartments to the Historical Centre of the city through Via Altinate is one of the best streets of Padua.

If you like the Christmas streets markets, from Piazza Garibaldi to Piazza Cavour, go straight on towards south though Via Roma and Via Umberto I: here you deserve another picture to immortalize your surprise in front of the spectacle of the Christmas tree of 30 m surrounded by all its small trees in Prato della Valle.

Between Prato della Valle and the Appiani stadium from the 28th of November there is a true snow park with a huge skating park on ice and a bob slope.

Concluding: even if you do not like shopping you will find something exciting to do or see while the others queue in the shops! And for sure you cannot resist to the thousand delicacies of the markets around all the city. Continue to take pictures, maybe you will be the winner: Padova is waiting for you, #PadovaèNatale!

PS: share with us your impressions, and why not, your photos! Do it in the comments below!