5 things to visit in Venice

Padova is very comfortable also to visit Venice, unique city in the world, known to everybody and everybody, at least once in life should visit it.

From our modern apartments you reach the train station in less than 15 minutes, crossing the Giardini dell’Arena, cradle of ancient roman ruins and of the splendours of Giotto.

There are many trains passing to go to Venice, about every 10 minutes, and in less than half an hour you will be in Piazzale Santa Lucia, the mooring point for those who reach Venice, both by road or by train.

Leave the Ponte della Libertà behind and concentrate on the 5 things to see in Venice.

There is too much of everything and I risk to make your trip complicated, lets start from some angles less known of this maritime city.

No known spots as Palazzo Ducale and Piazza San Marco, Accademia and Ponte di Rialto, I will speak to you about these in another occasion, even if you have to take your time to visit them.

1. Campo San Giacomo dell’Orio

Venice is voices of children that run, old ladies sat on the benches to chat, people that walk with the Venetian step (very fast), students with heavy bags and carts that evidence their passage on the bridges.

Here you will understand how the daily work takes place, it is very popular and loved. The houses that face the square are fascinating and also the Church, the trees are so big to allow you to sit in the fresh shade. An afternoon and a good book and it will be magic.

2. The chiostri of the Scuola Grande di San Marco

Just by the Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo. Don’t you see it? Of course, because now it is the entrance of the Civil Hospital, but don’t worry: be nice, behave well and go in. In the silence, I am sure that it will overwhelm you.

When you go in, go up on the right on the huge stairway and raise the eyes to the sky. Once down, turn left and walk. A chiostro after the other will develop in front of you, with their peculiar characteristics.

3. Calle Remer

If you are in love with the glimpses, come to have a spritz in Taverna “Al Remer” and then face the Canal Grande and turn the head left. I don’t want to tell you what you will see, I only know that I would love to come back to tell me how beautiful it is what your eyes have seen. Best moment from sun set to night. No selfie, enjoy the moment.

Venice is fantastic for this: it surprises you with no special effects.

4. The walk in Venice between water and sky

When I was going to University, before going in, in the winter days with the clear sky and the freezing air, I left the ferry-boat at the stop “Celestia”, I turned left and climbed up the gangway that runs on the water attached to the Arsenale.

San Michele is the first thing that you will see, behind him, in the clear days the mountains reflect on the water. Those silent moments, still and suspended, I take them in my heart and, every time that somebody comes to see me, I take him here “to see the hidden effect that it makes”, as Jannacci would say.

5. Basilica di San Pietro di Castello

Walking is a little bit long, one hour from Piazzale Roma, but you know that if you don’t visit Venice walking you will never be able to enjoy it completely.

Bring with you comfortable shoes and leave the ferryboats. You can make it once, when I will tell you about the facades of the spectacular Palaces that you can see taking line 1.

Also this is a place in which you can understand how the most famous island people of the world live. Frequently, when I walk and I want to lie down in the sun, I come here. I lie on the grass and read. You, go also to see the Basilic, not let the tiredness win.

I listen to the dialect, look the filaments of the laundry that unify the two houses, colouring the calle under it, depending on the clothes attached, and enjoy the so called “Casteo”.

Here are the 5 things to see in Venice if you want to know something that is not always evidenced by the guides and I am convinced that this is only due to the fact that it is difficult to differentiate what is magnificent from something splendid.

Advice: while you walk do not read the guide, close it. Listen to the noises, look to the people close to you and keep the nose up.

PS: Don’t give up if the day is foggy: Venice is always beautiful, but with the fog you will feel yourself as catapulted in a dimension without time and equals. Absolutely to try!

Have a nice walk and come back to tell it to me!