2016: the appointments of the Fair

Are you an exhibitor in Padua’s Fair? Do you want to visit the famous Fair of Padua? Santa Sofia Apartments hosts you in its new apartments in Padua for short-term rent.

After the usual appointments of January and February with the Feline and Canine exhibition and with Padova Sposi, the Fair of Padua is already getting ready to host SMAU BUSINESS PADUA the 10 and 11 of March: appointment with the news of technology, with the most innovative products and partners for companies and business. There are many organised workshops: from the Social Media to the Web marketing, from internet to Cloud, this year SMAU follows you directly with its personal innovation assistants that will indicate to you the path of your interest based on the branch of your activity.

Spring is around the corner, with long days and the desire for holidays in head, you will be happy to dream the imminent summer by visiting the EXPOCAMPER, MONDO MARE AND TURISM & HOLIDAYS from the 18 to the 20 of March: Do not miss the news of leisure and relax 2016, and profit to see the latest models of caravan and campers, and to “taste” some atmosphere of the sea with nautical, fishing and sub innovations.

A more serious appointment but of great actuality and sensibility is the one immediately following with the exhibition-conference dedicated to allergies and food intolerances: WORLD ALLERGEN FOOD from the 20 to the 22 of March: for the 9% of the population affected by allergies and food intolerances and to the companies that treat products without allergens for the consumers that need so. If you want to know more on the celiac disease and on the intolerances to lactose, do now miss the conferences organised by the experts of the sector.

EXPO BICI is waiting for you from the 8 to the 10 of April, with free entrance: you can spend two days of party and spectacles dedicated to the passionate and not.

Also ANTIQUARIA PADOVA renews its exposition from the 9 to the 17 of April, with thousands of rare pieces that already in 2015 have attracted a considerable increase of visitors.

ELETTROMONDO from the 14 to the 16 of April meets the electrical and thermo hydraulic world with the most innovative solutions from structures in the Pavilion 7.

It is confirmed also for this year the QUATTROZAMPE IN FIERA the 16 and 17 of April, with games and fun also for the Youngers and for our pet friends.

The famous CAMPIONARIA is from the 14 to 22 of May with free entrance and the Village of Children, dog and horse exhibitions, craftsmanship, furniture, cars and… are you thinking about something else? Very probably there is!

In conjunction with the CAMPIONARIA, always from the 14 to the 22 of May, you will find also

  • SAU SALONE AUTO with amazing occasions on the new and used
  • BIRRINTALY: the festival of artisan beer
  • INVENTORSHOW the festival of inventions, in which the best three will be awarded

In June, July, August the Fair of Padua is waiting for you at the PADUA PRIDE, with spectacles, concerts and every sort of fun for a fun summer even if you stay in the city.

For now we stop here: I will inform you on the appointments autumn and winter events later on

In the meantime, Santa Sofia Apartments is waiting, it cuddles you and advices for the best solutions: verify now if there are still available apartments for the period of interest!