2015 Jubilee in Padua: the Saint Antony’s Church and the Dome are ready

The 2015 Jubilee is not only in Rome: also in Padua you can obtain the indulgence. What better occasion to visit Saint Antony’s Church and the heart of Padua illuminated for Christmas?

Padua is ready for the Jubilee, and it will be easily reachable thanks to the 94 daily train connexions, of which 82 are High Speed Trains.

From the 8 of December 2015 to the 20 November 2016 you will have the possibility to receive the indulgence in the Basil of Saint Antony and in the Cathedral: You will have the extraordinary opportunity to visit these two jewels of Padua and to participate to the Jubilee.

My advice is to profit of the month of December to see also the beautiful nativity scenes of the Saint’s Church and the Dome: they are a true spectacle.

Are you curious? Did you already have the intention to come to Padua for the 2015 Jubilee? Profit of the occasion and book one of our apartments: They are the ideal point to visit the centre of Padua.

From Santa Sofia Apartments you can start your “pilgrimage” walking through Via Altinate first, then Via Zabarella and Via del Santo: an amazing walk through the most beautiful arcades of Padua. You realise to be close to the Basil as soon as you start to see very particular religious shops and those very colourful souvenirs dedicated to Saint Antony. In front of the majesty of Saint Antony’s Church there is the Gattamelata Statue of Donatello to welcome you. Do you know where are you now? Even if you are in the Italian territory, you are in the property of the Holy See.

The Basil is open from 6.20 am. Go inside and you will find yourself in an antique dimension: from the bronze doors of Camillo Boito, to the lunette of the major portal of Mantegna (in reality the one that you see is a copy: the original lunette is in the Antoniano Museum), from the chapter of the Monks, on which probably Giotto worked, to the monuments of Michele Sanmicheli, here everything is greatness and serenity.

From Saint Antony’s Church follow the flow of people that goes towards Prato della Valle and seat a second to breathe the pinch of nature along the small canal of the Memmia Island. From here you walk through Via Umberto Primo e Via Roma: enjoy the walk through the shopping streets, but while going along the shop windows, remember to take go on your left, in Via San Martino and Solferino: from here, though the antique Ghetto, you will reach directly the Dome. The Baptistery painted on the 300 from Giusto de’ Menabuoi is astonishing and in the cathedral there are other precious artistic operas of Tiepolo and Jacopo da Montagnana.

Now that the “pilgrimage” is finished, do not forget to taste the famous bakery shop of the Dome: I will not tell to you what is worth tasting because it is all really good and I am sure that you will now what to choose. I love the pastries with the fresh strawberries. If you discover some other delights, advice me on the comments here below! I am looking forward to it ;)

Exiting you can walk through the rest of the Centre through the famous Piazze, from Piazza dei Signori to Piazza delle Erbe to Piazza Cavour and Piazza Garibaldi: from here you can get again Via Altinate and go back to your Santa Sofia Apartments.

After this walk you will feel lighter and better. You did not forget to ask the indulgence, right?

This was only one of the possible pedestrian itineraries to know Padua. If you know any point that deserves to be visited, share it with me and the other users of the blog by writing it here underneath!