12 places in Padua where to eat street food and fast food

Padua discovers herself younger and more academic with her new fast food for all the wallets: You can eat quickly at every time of the day; you can take home what you desire, or you can make it deliver to you directly from them.

Us Paduans have always loved the sandwich store dalla Zita: very close to the Pedrocchi Caffè, the walk around the city centre takes all another taste when you enter the very small place that on the walls has tons and tons of sandwiches to embarrass also the most experts for the enormous variety to choose, and the quality of the ingredients is really remarkable.

For the lovers of the tramezzino sandwich, it is obligatory to stop by the bar gli Osei or the bar Nazionale or, why not, both. They are very close by; one is in the angle at the entrance of Sotto il Salone and one on the other side.

But recently in Padua the ideas are multiplying making space also to the new perspectives of food and taste: There are many new places to try in the city centre and they can really satisfy every taste. I have found very nice and economic the Spanish franchising “Montaditos”, where you can choose among 100 different sandwiches with prices that start from 1 euro each. Among the various ingredients to fill them with you find also the amazing jamon serrano. I advice to taste the sandwich with crunchy onion.. They are amazing!

My vegan/vegetarian and healthy friends can find what they are looking for at the Universo Vegano  in Via Barbarigo  and the interesting plates at Doody’z fast food vegan that has been opened by the Paduan rugby champion Bergamasco in Via Manin, between Duomo and Piazza delle Erbe.

Via Manin is full of life with the new take away toasteria Capa Toast, and soon here it will also open a Hot Dog and Hollandaise chips place (for now there is only the publicity billboard).

For me that I love meet and personally I have tried nearly all of them, the best hamburgers are those at the Gourmetteria of Via Zabarella, with biological meet only from Veneto, a very long menu not nice and innovative and a place where you wish to choose everything!

Handier for the students, is the 212 Hamburger & Delicious, in the Ghetto very close to the study room in Via Marsala. If I am walking around with mum I choose the “Perfetto”, the place over the Rinasente: they propose optimum hamburgers and it is also very chic.

Last in order of opening, but not of goodness, is HAM Holy Burger in Piazza dei Signori. They say that it must be tried, but it is opened since such a short period that I have not been able to try it. If you have already been there, let me know how it is!

If you are a guest in our apartments in Padua with this post we have given to you some alternative ideas for a quick and economic dinner that you can also taste in front of the TV of your Santa Sofia Apartment.